About Us

K & C Law Chambers has been established by Khawaja Waseem Abbas and Imran Humayun Cheema Advocates in the year 2001 to provide the highest level of expertise to its clients. Since the inception of KCLC, our firm is providing excellent legal services and consultancy to its clients especially in criminal litigation. On the basis of Legal services and consultancy the KCLC have become the leading law firm of Pakistan in a very short span of time. Our specialist legal team is comprising of seasoned lawyers and consultants. From outstanding results in the most high profile criminal cases through our dedicated and experienced representation has placed us in the top tier of criminal practitioners in Pakistan.

We are doing that by staying one step ahead and by constantly challenging ourselves to bring innovative and original ways of thinking to the most complex legal challenges of our clients face.Wherever we are, we operate in accordance with law, unity and integrity.

We aim to provide the highest possible standard of legal service and to maintain that level of quality at every point of contact.

We are experienced in handling an entire spectrum of criminal matters ranging from the most minor to the most severe, with straightforward analysis on legal issues along with practical advice and representation.

Our Firm always strives to provide each client with successful results by considering all appropriate, research and creative options.

The Firm takes personal pride in the quality of work. The satisfaction of the client is paramount.