Consitutional law






Constitutional Law

Write Petitions against abuse of official position, habeas corpus and illegal detentions, breach of fundamental human rights and removal of public representatives under allegations of corruption are the legal issues which we deal with most frequently. Our law firm has impeccable reputation among the populace and public officials for defense and prosecution of charges under this category.

Criminal Litigation

Our in depth knowledge and experience in criminal law sets us apart from many, if not all, criminal practices in Pakistan. Our firms hold invaluable talent in defending or prosecuting in trials of murder, offences against the person, theft, armed robbery, corruption, sexual offences and cyber crime are some of the areas of our expertise. Firm partners and consultants have given their opinions before media issues the are of a national and an international interests/concerns.

Family Law

Deals the nature and issues arising from a marriage; civil unions and domestic partnerships; mental and physical abuse of the spouse and/or children; legitimacy, adoption, surrogacy and abduction of children; annulment, divorce, alimony and settlements; and custody, visitation and support .


Overseas Services

We offer comprehensive legal services to Overseas Pakistani's in Criminal Litigation, Family Litigation and in all other matters to protect their personal and property rights.